Alex Varga Collection is a collaboration of thought and design from three continents moulds together within the range of outstanding ideas. The collection is inspired by the great cities of the world, where modern design stands alongside timeless architecture which has survived for centuries.
Alex Varga’s goal is to create, curate and innovate, in a mission to develop products of superior performance and refined style.

This collection is suitable for branding with a company name, logo, or message. This, together with the stylish packaging, makes these products ideal as special corporate gifts which will be a delight for the recipient.

Executive Gift Sets

Alex Varga Polanco Gift Set

R482.55 AV-19002-BL

Backpacks & Laptop Bags

Alex Varga Avos Laptop Backpack

R719.81 AV-19040-BL

Earphones and Headsets

Alex Varga Insomnia TWS Earbuds

R824.98 AV-19098-BL

Backpacks & Laptop Bags

Alex Varga Romanov Laptop Backpack

R869.59 AV-19110

Backpacks & Laptop Bags

Alex Varga Samara Laptop Backpack

R896.48 AV-19150-BL
R1,090.54 AV-19012-BL

Backpacks & Laptop Bags

Alex Varga Truman Tech Trolley Bag

R2,444.98 AV-19120-BL

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