Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Branding and Delivery Take?

The branding process takes about 5-7 Working Days. The countdown starts from the day we receive your initial payment and approval of required Artwork. The delivery date will be approximately 3 extra working days after branding is completed.

How much does branding cost?

It depends on the number of logos to be printed, size of logo, number of print positions and number of colours to be printed. All branding costs will vary per product and branding method. So it all just depends.

What is the minimum order quantity for branding an order in-house with Mashjoy Branding?

There is no minimum order quantity but setup charges associated with each branding process still apply. When the setup charge is amortised over smaller quantities, the cost per unit is higher ie. branding 50 units versus 10 units always works out cheaper per unit. On the good side, we do not charge setup fees for all Vinyl Heat Press branding and Sublimation branding on Mugs and garments.

Should you need a pre-production sample, we offer sample branding at reduced rates.

Can I bring my own stuff for Branding?

Yes. We genuinely accept third party branding orders for Heat Press and Sublimation at no minimum order quantity requirements. Minimum quantities apply in some specialised branding methods such as Screen printing, Embroidery, Vinyl stickers and Digital Transfer Branding. Other methods of branding are highly specialised and do not qualify for third party branding since our machines are crafted to only work with what we supply. However, feel free to contact us if you have less items and we can see if we have capacity to assist.

What are PMS or Pantone Colours?

These are basically numerical codes used to describe different colours distinctively. In reality, there are many different shades of a different colour and we use Pantone Colour codes to be able to know the exact colour we should use for branding a specific logo. Here is a link to help you pick accurate pantone colour for your artwork: https://www.pantone-colours.com/ 

What is a setup fee and why do I always have to pay for it?

A branding setup fee is basically a fee paid into setting up templates for branding machine, logo adjustments work by our graphics designers, gathering all the required material for branding as well as paying for all the manual labour involved. Branding is a very automated job, hence we have to go through a setup process and let the machines do the rest with very less manual labour involved. This way we can produce high quantities of branded products efficiently and meet all deadlines..

Why do you charge a full setup fee for repeat artwork?

Even though we may have the artwork on file, all of our machines need to be setup for individual orders.
The machine settings are different for each item and must be adjusted with each order. The greater part of the setup fee is charged for the amount of time and the labour involved in setting up a machine. A setup takes approximately 45-60 minutes in all branding departments, except for screen and pad printing where it can take 45-60 minutes for each colour being branded. In embroidery, because the artwork has already been digitised from the first order, we do not charge a full set up fee. We only charge for the labour involved in setting up the machine.

Which branding processes allow for personalised names?

We offer personalisation in:

  • Embroidery
  • Laser Engraving
  • Digital processes (sublimation, heat press, domed and vinyl stickers, digital transfer)

The reason for this is every other department needs a screen, plate or die to be made. This means that we will have to setup for each individual personalisation, which is not cost effective and very labour intensive.

Why do you charge different setups when we are branding the same item with the same logo just in different colours?

If a logo is the same colour but going on different colour items, then only one setup is charged.
When we change print colour we have to set up the machine again. For instance, when screen printing, once we print the logo in the first colour, we have to take the screen off the machine, clean off all the ink and then set the machine up again before we print the logo in another colour.

Why do we charge different setups when we are branding the same logo in the same branding process but on different items?

There are a couple reasons for this. Each item has its own jig: a place holder for the item that is mounted onto the machine. Every time we change the item, we have to change the jig and reset the machine so that the logo is printed in the correct position.

Another reason is that not all the items have the same branding space so on some items we can brand a larger logo than on others which means that the artwork will be different. For instance, if we are screen printing two items with the same logo but the logo is a different size on each item, we need two different screens.

How is the quality of your products compared to other companies/suppliers?

All our products are sourced from reputable brands/suppliers which we partner with. We do not supply anything from flea market distributors, not genuine or counterfeit. All products are registered trademarks with long lasting satisfaction guarantee (including our cheapest products). The specs of each and ever products are shown on each of their catalogues. Feel free request samples or visit one of our warehouses to evaluate the quality.

Are the product prices on the website including branding?

No, Products prices on the website Do Not include branding, unless specified in the product’s description. Branding is charged separately. 

Do you have a real warehouse where I can come and see the products in person?

Yes, We have a showrooms/warehouses in Hatfield, Pretoria and a huge warehousing fulfillment centre in Midrand, JHB. The Hatfield warehousing facility is currently not operating at full capacity due to Covid-19 restrictions. Only the Midrand warehousing facility is fully operational and visits are allowed for purposes of viewing, fitting, testing and get all your questions answered by our friendly staff. Collections can be made on either of our warehousing facilities. Please make sure you set up an appointment first before visiting any of the facilities. We strictly DO NOT allow unannounced visits. 
Set an appointment by sending an email to: sales@mashjoybranding.co.za or Calling: ‭‭‭‭087 149 2902 or ‭WhatsApp: 061 455 0196

Can I get the samples of the products first?

Yes, you can request samples of products by emailing us at samples@mashjoybranding.co.za. All samples are paid for and can be returned
within 15 days for a refund. Learn more about our Samples policy Here.

How do I request a Branding Quote on the Website?
  1. Make a selection of products you need (sizes, colours and quantities) and Add to Branding Quote.
  2. Once you have added products to the quote list, Click View Quote,
  3. Fill in a quick form and supply us with a branding artwork and branding instructions.
  4. One of sales consultants will contact you back to confirm everything on your branding list and update your quotation.
  5. You can then pay for the updated branding quotation to get your oder placed.
How do I know about the status of my order?

We will keep you notified at every step of the ordering/branding process via email or telephone/WhatsApp. From Artwork approval up to Dispatch. If your order has been handed over to a courier, we will have given you the courier tracking information to track it directly with the courier.

How do I pay for my order?

You can pay via an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) using our banking details, make secured Card Payments using the Credit/Debit cards Payment Facility on our website. You can also swipe your card on a speedpoint or use SnapScan if you happen to be at any of our offices/warehouse. If you prefer using EFT, please send a proof of payment via email to accounts@mashjoybranding.co.za so we can immediately process your order. We also take cash payments, but only up to R1000. Cheque payments are currently not allowed.

Can I cancel my order?

 Yes, but there is an order cancellation fee of 25% of your order amount. Orders can’t be cancelled once branding is started.

What’s the minimum number of products I can order?

You can order as little or as much as you like. Minimum orders are specified on certain products.